About Us

Fiberphone Ltd was launched in 2012 with the goal of enhancing the calling experience of customers by providing VoIP calling services at an affordable price.

Fiberphone has three directors who make the service possible:

Pete Mundy

Pete was born and bred in Nelson and has been involved in the local IT industry for over 20 years, working in a variety of technical roles. He specialises in IP networking, high-end Mac OS server configuration and troubleshooting complex multi-tenanted deployments. When not working on technical projects, Pete enjoys the serenity of soaring in his sailplane over the Nelson Lakes National Park.


Warren Hall

Warren is based in Blenheim and has been involved with school technical support since 1999 when he took on the job of looking after the Queen Charlotte College network alongside his teaching position there. He currently works supporting schools involved in blended eLearning projects. Warren has two young boys to occupy his free time with but still manages to sneak out for the occasional bike ride.


Dan Robinson

Dan has been a self employed IT contractor for a decade. He is skilled in a range of disciplines from web development to systems admin and most things in between. He is a longtime Nelson resident currently based in Stoke. Dan enjoys spending time with family. He is married to Katrina and the father of Lucas and Charlotte