"Cloud Hosted Communications"

leverage your existing fibre optic data connection to achieve
advanced communication features and significant line savings

Clouds on the Horizon

The buzz word in IT at the moment is ‘cloud’ but what does it mean?

If you can imagine flying on a plane and gaining altitude, as you ascend through the clouds for a brief moment  you will be in the clouds and unable to see anything else around you. Not knowing where things are is the idea behind the term.

From an IT perspective the Internet is seen as the cloud and the many services that are available over the Internet are known as ‘cloud services’. In most cases a user of a service is unaware of where the services is coming from (and probably doesn’t need to know) .

The main benefits of cloud services are the cost and manageability advantages that come with economies of scale. For example, the Fiberphone service runs off of a few servers that are dedicated to managing phone calls for the end users. Instead of having a dedicated server to each customer’s site we are able to provide the same high quality service using a few centralised servers. The users share the servers but don’t notice any difference than they would having an on-site server. This allows Fiberphone to provide more competitive pricing due to passing on the savings in hardware and management costs.

To learn more about how Fiberphone could benefit your organisation talk to one of our friendly representatives on 0800 001 900.

How it works

Your internet connection can be used for more than just surfing the web.

With Fiberphone you can leverage the technical advantages of your fibre based connection to allow voice calling and advanced PBX options. Plain old telephone system calls use copper wires to carry electrical signals that transmit your voice call. VoIP calling  uses the Internet as the transmission medium. In the past trying to send voice over the Internet had some challenges due to the time critical nature of voice calls and the way the Internet breaks up transmissions to send as smaller units. Fibre optic connections allow for high quality voice (and video) calls over the Internet due to the technical superiority of these connections.

Cloud calling. You bet. With Fiberphone’s total service your organisation stands to benefit from reduced telecommunications spend and advanced, productivity increasing, benefits. Call Fiberphone now on 0800 001 900 to arrange your free site analysis and report.

What you get

The Fiberphone complete service is designed to completely replace existing phone services and includes:

All new phones

Tailored calling rules to suit your organisation’s needs

Consistent monthly charges*

Full support for Fiberphone equipment/services

Training of key personnel

Quick and clear communication

No contracts required

*depends on the third party VoIP gateway calling package you subscribe to.

Multi Button LCD IP Phone

Multi Button LCD IP Phone

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LCD IP Phone

Cordless IP Phone

Cordless IP Phone